Simon Cowell to save 100 Club

If you’re vaguely into your live music and you live in London then you’ll be familiar with the 100 Club – the long standing legendary music that’s played host to everyone from The Rolling Stones to The Sex Pistols. It was recently announced that due to a 40% hike in rent it’ll cease to be no more, shamefully leaving central London with a severe lack of gig venues.

The Rolling Stones, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, Oasis, The Clash and others have all piped up for their praise of the venue, insisting that it needs to be saved from extinction and now Simon Cowell has given his support, sort of. Kinks ledge Ray Davies name checked the X-Factor chump as the man to save it, ‘Simon Cowell should underwrite the money needed to save the 100 Club,’ Davies told SpinnerMusic.co.uk ‘that would be a real payback. The amount of money he takes out of pop music he could put some back in.’

He added, ‘I'm very concerned about the 100 Club. The Kinks played there and it's such an iconic venue we shouldn't allow things like that to close down. Everything is being overrun by the chain stores and the conglomerates and it such a pity that the 100 Club has to suffer like that.’

*Doesn’t hold breath*.

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