Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

If you haven’t seen Paul McCartney live yet, then WHY THE HELL NOT? HE’S THE ONLY DECENT BEATLE LEFT!!! (apols Ringo). Of course you could have tried and failed, but you really should have. Maccas’s now 64 (and bit) and losing his hair and sadly, it’s only a matter of time before he’s whisked off to see St.Peter at the Pearly Gates. Unless you're under the age of 8, there is no excuse.

Sir Paul has spent the last few years touring the world but if you’re not a fan of festivals he’s left the UK audience a little short changed, that is until now. The ledge has announced two of his most intimate UK shows for monkey’s years for Christmas, one is at the HMV Apollo in Hammersmith in London on December 18th and the other is a homecoming show at the 02 Academy in Liverpool on December 20th.

Speaking about the forthcoming shows on his website Paul said: ‘I always love playing to a home audience and for me it’s the perfect way to end the year. We've had great fun with the stadium shows this year and we’re looking forward to the more intimate vibe of these ones. Christmas is the perfect excuse for everyone to let their hair down and rock out. We are looking forward to celebrating with the good people of London and Liverpool’.

Find our more info here, be warned, tickets go on sale tomorrow (Dec 8).

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