Sir Elton's 'Surreal' Musical Biopic

Billy Elliot writer Lee Hall has been working alongside Elton John on a planned musical biopic of the singer's life.

According to the guardian the 63-year old singer, who adopted a baby boy with his partner David Furnish last year, is hoping that a film of his colourful life-story will be hitting silver screens within the next two or three years. A script depicting the twists and turns of Elton's unparalleled four decade career has already been written; but as the pub-singer - turned glam rock star - turned gay cultural icon reveals: 'Obviously, it's not going to be your normal, run of the mill film because my life has kind of been crazy. And I think it's important to do a kind of surrealistic take on my life.'

Speaking about his future project at the premiere of‘Gnomeo and Juliet', Elton deadpanned to BANG showbiz: 'I'm quite old now so there'd have to be two or three actors and they'd have to vary in weight. Robert Downey Jr. could maybe play me at a certain stage.'

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