Slash attacked on stage

Almost two years to the day that Noel Gallagher was attacked by a drunk Canadian fan whilst on stage, breaking a couple of ribs in the process, the same thing has happened to Slash.

The incident happened during a solo of fan favourite Sweet Child O’ Mine at his show in Milan on Thursday, when some crazed nut bag appeared from nowhere and tackled the guitarist from behind. Fortunately, the legendary axe-man was left uninjured and remained in high spirits post gig: ‘What'd I say? Rowdy crowd for sure, but amazing,’ he posted on Facebook, ‘the guy who nailed me didn't take me down but he busted my poor guitar. Ah well, it was a kick ass rock show.’

Watch the gruesome attack below and the heroic bouncer take out the culprit in one quick swoop....3m 30secs in...

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