Sleeper reforming - NOT

It’s been 15 long years since the hey day of Britpop, but recently we’ve seen a come back for the decade defining genre, with the likes of indie stalwarts Blur, Cast, Skunk Anansie, Suede and Shed 7 all reforming. Of course only a cold blooded pessimist would say they only did it for the money, rather than for the love of the music and the fans. But there’s one band from 90s that has yet to announce a dramatic return.

Fronted by the sexiest woman to ever adorn a guitar - Loiuse Wener, Sleeper were the definition of a perfect, power indie pop thanks to hits like ‘Sale Of The Century’ and ‘Inbetweener’. Mrs Wener split her band up in the late 90s, and has since been busy scribbling book. Whilst pushing her latest hardback ‘Different For Girls’ she put to bed (pun intended) the chance of her getting Sleeper back together.

‘I write full time and I have two children’ said the singer, ‘I was happy with this level of revisiting that period, a reunion would be taking it too far. There are a lot of people at it. I used to think it was really naff, but good on them. I'd go to see Spandau Ballet, not the Britpoppers.’

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