Slipping in

Manic Street Preachers' new album is being shipped to supermarkets in a plain slip in case its beastly cover – created by Jenny Saville, who did the artwork for 1994's The Holy Bible – offended passing mums on their way to the reduced aisle.

The four main supermarkets Asda, Tesco, Sainsburys and Morrisons are using the cover after the artwork had been interpreted by some as portraying a battered, bloody face. 'You can have lovely shiny buttocks and guns everywhere in the supermarket on covers of magazines and CD's,' said band frontman James Dean Bradfield, rather astutely. 'But you show a piece of art and people just freak out.

'We just thought it was a beautiful painting. We were all in total agreement. We just saw a much more modern version of Lucian Freud-esque brushstrokes. That's all we saw.'

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