Snoop Dogg gets into the cigar business

Fans of Snoop Dogg might occasionally have had cause to ask, "what’s he been smoking?" They might have been misled by the Dogg’s numerous court appearances on cannabis charges, but the real answer, it seems, is cigars.

So keen is the Dogg on the noxious smokes that he is launching his own brand of cigars, supposedly targeted at high-flying businessmen and "players" (tennis players? Gin rummy players? Church organ players? Snoop sadly fails to specify).

Executive Branch cigarillos will be marketed in packs of two. When cornered by his team and told to come up with an appropriate quote, Snoop obliged with: "If you want to smoke like a player, smoke Executive Branch. I'm an executive kind of guy."

The plan is to manufacture the cigars in a range of styles and flavours. “I will be working with their team to make sure all products are up to Snoop Dogg standards," Snoop adds.

That might not quite amount to the ringing endorsement that Snoop intends. The market position of Executive Branch can be gauged by the selling price – a dollar for a pack of two. In UK money that prices each cigar at around 30p, a bargain that suggests they might not be the finest cigars on the shelf.

Not that fine cigars are abundant in Snoop’s homeland. The USA is generally regarded as a cigar aficionado’s wasteland due to the country’s continued embargo on all products from Cuba, the nation that makes the world’s finest cigars. Snoop’s dabbling in the tobacco trade is unlikely to change that state of affairs.

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