Snoop Dogg: “I want a cameo in ‘True Blood’”

If you’ve ever seen the adult friendly film ‘Doggystyle’ you’ll know Snoop Dogg has a rather large presence on screen (pun intended) - so much so that he won a prestigious Adult Video Award (the Oscars of porn) in 2002. Well if you missed his big release (pun intended), you're in luck; The Dogg has revealed you may get another chance for a cheeky look.

Rapping like a bad-ass hip-hopster on his new single ‘Gangsta Luv’, Snoop Dogg has given the much loved vampire series 'True Blood' what we think is called a ‘big up’. "So what's happenin'? True Blood, get at me - Snoop Dogg wants to be a vampire."

MTV have since asked The Dogg to confirm his love for the Channel 4 show: "I love it. I wish I could be on it. I'd be a hell of a vampire, don't you think?"

Don't believe us hommies? Get your lugholes round 'Gangsta Luv' here. Brap! Brap! Brap!

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