Snoop Dogg: 'I want to try opera'

We've always had a great affinity for Snoop Dogg – why only yesterday afternoon we were strolling around with Doggystyle pumping on our iPod – and most of all we've always admired his willingness to work with anyone who'll give him money, and explore new genres of music. From Katy Perry to Charlie Sheen, if you can stump up the cash, he'll lay down a few bars for you.

So we're shocked to hear that the Doggfather is planning a foray into opera, especially given that he can't actually sing. Maybe he's planning on interjecting a few smooth lines into a classic like The Barber of Seville, but we reckon he's getting his operas mixed up with his classical. Still, full marks for even thinking of it.

'I'm always trying something new,' he said. 'On my latest album The Doggumentary I worked with Willie Nelson and David Guetta. Next time I'd like to try a little opera. Be real not fake, be you, that's what I say to all the kids around the world. The kids and fans appreciate that.'

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