Snoop Dogg in ‘I’m always stoned’ shocker

There's no doubting that Snoop Dogg is one cool cat (or dog in this case). As well as being a mega million selling global hip hopper, he’s starred in various films, both family friendly - such as Training Day and 'turn your eyes away kids' such as The BIG Dogg. In short he lives a pretty nice life.

What’s even more impressive what with his ever growing CV and increasing dollars in the bank is that he’s admitted that he is always stoned when he performs onstage. Talking to chatshow dude Larry King, he managed to scramble some coherent words together: ‘I'm under the influence of medical marijuana. I've never performed without it.’

In the interview he also said he wanted to be a judge on the forthcoming Stateside version of The X-Factor. So kids, don’t do drugs, they’re bad for you, unless you want to be a mega rich and famous Doooogg...

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