Snoop Dogg to headline Glastonbury

Just when the hoo-ha of who and who wouldn’t headline this year’s Glastonbury had been put to bed, it looks like another act is in the frame. U2 publicly confirmed themselves sometime back in the noughties to headline the Pyramid stage on the Friday, then Muse let it slip that Saturday night was theirs and only last month Stevie Wonder was name checked for the Sunday.

But according to The Sun, Snoop Dogg is in discussions with organisers to perform too. Head druid at Worthy farm Michael Eavis is quoted in the newspaper as saying: ‘She's [Emily – his daughter] a bright girl and she is very keen on Snoop Dogg doing the show, so we want him.’

A couple of hiccups before all is confirmed: firstly the D.O double G needs to successfully overturn a UK Visa ban following a brawl at an airport and secondly they’ll need to extend the festival by another day. The 40th anniversary of Glastonbury takes place over three days at the end of June.

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