Snoop Doog hits Glastonbury line-up

West Coast G-Funking Gangsta rap legend Snoop Dogg is due to touch down in the UK for festival season, beefing up an already mega-sounding bill at Glastonbury with his own funky self. It’s going to be a vintage year, as long as the weather holds up, isn’t?

We already have enough variety of music that will keep fans of all sorts happy (except for crusty metal heads of course – but who gives a monkeys about those losers?), with Stevie Wonder, Gorillaz, and Muse rocking the joint alongside hundreds of other acts all over the site, but now we get California’s finest to hold it down for us as well. Magic

‘I'm in it to win it and it's going down like four flat tyres, you hear me UK?’ was the Doggfather’s announcement, which makes him sound a little bit like Tim Westwood. ‘Every time I'm in the UK I have a blast. I'm lookin' forward to coming back there 'cos it's been a minute.’

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