Snoop Lion - La La La - Is this a joke?

You just couldn’t make it up.

When the heady summer of 2012 saw a certain Snoop Dogg – notorious purveyor of languid hip hop rhymes and eloquent advocate of the herb suddenly bypass left field altogether and head straight into the surreal with his announcement that he would henceforth be known as Snoop Lion – minds boggled across the globe. But this was no mere upgrade on the animal front. This was no simple broadening of the horizons from lampposts and tasty treats to domination of the African savannahs.

Nope – he’d smoked some seriously lucid weed in Jamaica and been hit by the stunning realization that he was potentially Bob Marley reincarnated. Timelines and pedantic considerations like basic maths aside – this was not a moment for quibbling over details – but a time to embrace Jah, leave the corrupt morass of West Coast hip hop behind and get his roots on. Could this be a spiritual awakening? Had he gone mental? Had he just discovered the genuine depth of reggae culture but got a little bit megalomaniac with his initiation into it? Ultimately though, we all had a good chuckle and waited to see what happened next.

Well…….this happened next

This is either pure comedy or a mid life crisis so drastic, it’s having a torrid affair with psychosis and regression behind the Lion King ride (if there is one) at Disneyland. But it’s not that – it’s blatantly comedy. Stoned pineapples, scenery that looks like it was knocked up by the cast of Sesame Street, erm – a lion suit – Wizard of Oz references and an array of children – there is no doubt that he is taking the proverbial. The question really is why.

It’s amusing – but not exactly going down in the annals of humour. Maybe he was just bored and having one of those ‘because I can’ moments. Maybe he was parodying the ‘artistic epiphanies’ one sees in the entertainment industry from time to time. But while a bit of fun, harmless and really rather sweet – isn’t there a devaluation of reggae culture and everything it stands for in there somewhere? To have waxed so lyrical about his conversion and realization about reggae and to have invoked the spirit of Bob Marley – all to stick on a lion pimp coat and dance about with cartoon characters?? Snoop has always been a player and a class act – but this? And why did Major Lazer produce it? There may be a clue in the release date though….. Happy Halloween??

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