Snoop puppy dogg

It’s hard not to like Snoop Dogg. Despite his street hustler exterior and claims of being a bad-ass cop-killing m***ah f***ah, there’s something about his rangy, gangly body that we just want to give a big hug to. Deep down we know he’s just a big old softy, bless him, and if this latest story from the States is true we will be able to confirm him as a soppy old pup.

Apparently, while leaving The Eldridge nightclub in Manhattan last week a young lad came up to him and asked him to listen to some tracks he had recorded on his MP3 player, and Snoop was so impressed with the beats that he started freestyling right there and then. Which must be the coolest thing, like, ever if you’re of high school age. Now Snoop is considering recording with one of the kid’s beats.

‘Snoop puts on the earphones and then started freestyling about the Lower East Side,’ said ‘He put on a great show. He ended up liking one of the beats so much that he asked his manager to get one of the kids' email addresses.’ See? What a cuddly old cat.

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