Snoop puppy dogg

It’s rare that you’ll find a rapper who isn’t entirely comfortable with the idea that women are his plaything, to be owned and used like a rag doll. In fact, it’s rare that you’ll meet a pop star hop doesn’t think like this, or in fairness, a man who doesn’t. Still for the purposes of this article let’s keep it strictly hip-hip, yo.

Maybe it’s the advancing years, but Snoop Dogg has decided it’s time to stop treating women like the pieces of meat he claimed they were album after album, and to give something back to them, in the form of a whole album. So that’s the pimp chic look out the window for now then, yes?

‘I gotta tone it down,’ admitted the Doggfather, while patting one of his house beeyatches on the backside and sending her out to make a nice cuppa. ‘I've always given my female fans bits and pieces and I feel like I owe them a whole record.’

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