So Solid Crew dropped from Lovebox bill

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London's Lovebox festival was a little short on the love, after controversial but influential garage act So Solid Crew were bumped off the bill just days before they were scheduled to perform. According to Crew leader Harvey, another UK act objected to their presence at the Victoria Park weekend.

The headliners at the festival include major names in the UK dance music scene including Plan B, Tinchy Stryder and Mark Ronson. It's not clear who Harvey was pointing the finger at, but his Twitter comments showed he was angry about the decision.

"We have been removed with no valid explanation," he tweeted. "Another artist don't want us on the same stage as them. We gave these arseholes careers." He pointed out the influence So Solid Crew had on the current scene. "Platinum albums, Brit awards & Mobos, endless top tens and this is how Great Britain repay us," Harvey tweeted. "A scapegoat for the industry, some conspiracy ting."

Controversy has dogged the Crew since they emerged at the start of the 2000s. One member, Carl Morgan, was jailed for murder and another, Ashley Walters, was jailed on gun charges. Throw in a beef with Dizzee Rascal's entourage and a couple of embarrassing appearances by Crew members on Celebrity Big Brother, and it's clear why So Solid Crew are not exactly popular among the more mainstream acts on the scene.

Some fans may feel it ironic that a festival celebrating the creative and commercial success of London dance music could not find room for the act that was involved in many of the innovations on the scene over the last decade. A Lovebox spokesperson tried to be diplomatic about the late lineup change, denying that any other artist was involved in the decision, saying it was down to "circumstances out of our control".

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