Solo no no

Either he’s waiting for his muse, or it’s all part of the gamesmanship with his brother Liam, but former Oasis songwriter Noel Gallagher claims he’s yet to lay down a note for his first record as a solo artist.

The ex-Oasis guitarist told TalkSport: ‘I am not recording new stuff, not just yet, and it'll be out when it's finished I guess. Well, I've not even started it, so I don't know.

’I'd have thought probably if anything comes out it'll be later rather than sooner.’

Meanwhile, over in the Beady Eye camp, Liam told the NME that he’s keen to hear what his brother will come out with next.

‘I'll give a listen to it when it comes out,’ he said. ‘But it ain't gonna make or break my f*cking day, you know what I mean? You don't just turn off 'cause you're not in a band together. He'll be checking [our album] out. Of course he will.’

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