Songwriting geniuses?

She may have apparently turned her back on the music biz but Lily Allen was still scooping the big gongs at a prestigious muso awards bash on Tuesday night.

The BMI Awards celebrate the most performed artists in the US (radio, TV etc) and pint-pot Lily picked up an award for her crackerjack single ‘The Fear’. The evening was held at the Dorchester in London with the big prizes going to Sting for his track ‘Every Breath You Take’ which has now amassed a mega 10 million airplays...KER and CHING. Elton John was also given a couple of nods thanks to his tracks ‘Your Song’ (eight million plays) and ‘Crocodile Rock’ (six million plays). While the song of the year prize went to Keith Urban for his hit ‘Only You Can Love Me This Way’.

As Don Mclean once retorted when asked what his song ‘American Pie’ means to him ‘it means I never have to work again’.

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