Sons of a preacher man

The trailer for a forthcoming Kings Of Leon documentary called ‘Talihina Sky’ shows how the superstar rockers have struggled with their religious background since forming their band in 1999.

According to music-news.com the film contains confessions from the family-based group, made up of three Followill brothers and their cousin, that ‘they felt like they were going to hell for getting a record deal’. They added that the accompanying rock and roll lifestyle of ‘smoking pot and drinking, puking, imitating drug use [and] fighting’ has done nothing to lessen their god-fearing induced guilt.

The documentary also includes video footage of an interview with Caleb, Nathan and Jared’s United Pentecostal Church preacher father Ivan Leon Followill who oversaw his children’s heavily religious Pentecostal upbringing in the Deep South, mainly in Tennessee. He says, ' I don't wanna say my kids are going to hell, nothing like that, but as far as what I envisioned [for their future], it's a little different'.

‘Talihina Sky’ will debut at Tribeca Film Festival on April 21st. If you can’t wait until then, you can view the trailer here.

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