Sony Radio Academy Awards

The Oscars of the radio industry were held in London last night and with endangered BBC station 6 Music picking up 2 awards more reasons why not to close it appear to be rearing their little heads by the day.

Long-loved duo Adam & Joe won the Gold Award in the Comedy Category for their Saturday morning show whilst newcomer Jarvis Cocker picked up the Rising Star gong for his new Sunday Service programme. Others who faired well were BBC 5 Live who won Best UK Station, Radio 1’s Scott Mills for The Music Radio Personality of the Year, Sir David Attenborough for The Speech Broadcaster of the Year, The Today programme on Radio 4 Best Breakfast Show and Music Broadcaster of the Year for Zane Lowe for his evening show on Radio 1.

BBC digital radio station 6 Music and the Asian Network are due to be closed by the end of 2011, but are currently in the midst of a public consultation period which could hopefully see the decision over turned.

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