Sorry Gary

Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys has apologised to Take That for remarks made at the 2006 Q Awards.

Back then the cheeky Monkey labelled Take That ‘a load of b*llcks,’ but in a recent interview with NME, Turner, perhaps mindful that any publicity is good publicity with the band’s new album coming out, took back the remarks.

‘We love Gary Barlow,’ he said. ‘I think I really offended him a few years ago though, which I'm sorry about. I didn't understand it then. Didn't know what was going on, trying to ruffle some feathers.’

Moving on, Turner also said that the Arctic’s next album, Suck It and See, will be more humorous than 2009’s Humbug.

He explained: ‘There were times in the lyrics on Humbug when I went into some corners that I didn't need to. But I went there and I think there's still some humour on that album. But it's definitely more prominent on Suck It and See. There's a few more gags. Not just in the words but in the guitar solos as well.’

Gags in guitar solos? Sounds a daring move.

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