Sound of 2011 is Jessie J

Newcomer Jessie J has been named the BBC's Sound of 2011.

The Essex-born singer-songwriter has been named the act most likely to succeed in the year ahead after topping last month’s longlist for the title.

Jessica Cornish descibed herself as ‘overwhelmed’ by the accolade, and added: ‘It feels amazing to be accepted on such a broad scale. I know I'm doing something right and I've got to keep doing it. It's an honour.’

The plainly excited Do It Like A Dude singer posted this message on her Twitter page: ‘Mmaaaann!!! Today is crazy!!! I’ve been up since 4.30am. Sssoo happy! Soo busy! Thank you BBC and everyone who voted.’

Jessie J must be starting to have a crowded mantelpiece – she was recently announced the winner of this year's Critics' Choice prize at the Brit Awards.

Critics have called the prize a ‘kiss of death’ after mediocre showings from previous winners Ellie Goulding and Little Boots.

The runners up for the prize (in descending order) were James Blake,The Vaccines, Jamie Woon and Clare Maguire.

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