Sound of silence

Gary Barlow has revealed that he didn’t sing for seven years after Take That split and his solo career didn’t take off

After Robbie Williams’ solo success, Gary felt stuck in a rut and unable to compete, the singer explained to The Sun:

‘I never saw myself being back on stage again. Now I can look back and see just how bad things were. I realised I had spent seven years where I never sang at all, until I got back with the lads. Well, I'd sing in the studio, but never outside. I thought I was done and abandoned.

‘The reason I hadn't thought about going back on stage was that there was no possibility of people wanting me back up there. It was horrible the way it ended. Nobody wants any involvement in you whatsoever.

But the nightmare’s over now Gary - welcome back into the fold! The new Take That ‘Progress’ tour is all revved up and ready to go. First date is Sunderland on May 27.

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