Space, the first frontier

Richard Branson has launched his ambitious Virgin Galactic with a little help of relatively unknown trance group Above & Beyond.

Sir Dickie’s Virgin Galactic flights, which fly 65 miles above the earth so people can experience weightlessness in space at the *cough*reasonable*cough* price of £130,000 a seat, launched in the Mojave desert in California yesterday (7 Dec) with the Brit beatbopper as the music of choice for the out of this world experience. Their track ‘Buzz’ features sample of legendary astronaut Bull Adrin first moon landing.

‘We're big fans of all things space-related and so in terms of dream gigs, this is up there alongside our performance in Rio to one million people,’ said Grant, one half of the DJ duo to NME.

Celebrities known to have purchased a ticket for the 2 hour round-trip include Moby and Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro. First flights leave Earth in 2010. Listen to Above & Beyond’s track ‘Buzz’ below.

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