Spandau Ballet to reform

Yet more reunion fun on the way, only this time it's an even more pointless exercise (and band) and more blatant milking of misty-eyed nostalgia. Yes, Spandau Ballet are to reform and go on tour, earning a reported £12million in the process, say the Guardian.

It's a remarkable about face for a band that ten years ago was in court suing songwriter Gary Kemp for royalties, but they've obviously patched up there differences with a needle and thread made of pure 'gold' (snigger) and are set to announce tour dates – including a finale at the Camp Nou stadium in Barcelona – aboard HMS Belfast, where they played their first gig.

The boys are back in town and we can't wait,' said lead singer Tony Hadley. 'It's going to be brilliant, we're very excited. But it will be very different to how we used to be. Obviously there'll be all the hits, the nostalgia, but there will also be a new take on what Spandau Ballet are about.' Look, just play To Cut a Long Story Short 20 times a night and we'll let you off.

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