Spice Girls booked for Olympics?

The Spice Girls are rumoured to be a surprise addition to the bill for the Olympics closing ceremony. The Independent reports that the group are 95 percent certain to take part.

The closing ceremony, organised by film director Danny Boyle, celebrates five decades of British music and The Spice Girls would be ideal representatives of the 90s.

The full details of the opening and closing ceremonies have been kept secret, but there has already been considerable speculation about celebrity involvement. The report suggests the Spice Girls will play two songs, one of which will be their first hit, Wannabe. It even speculates that Geri Halliwell will pull on her iconic Union Jack dress from the heyday of Britpop (some tailoring may be required).

The opportunity arrives at a fortuitous time for the Spice Girls. The five members came together this summer to launch Viva Forever, a jukebox musical featuring the group’s hits that opens in the West End in November. It has been written by comic and Spice Girls fan Jennifer Saunders.

Speaking at that launch Mel C made some extravagant claims for the Spice Girls’ influence on pop. Questioned whether Girl Power had any contemporary relevance, she said, "Absolutely, it will never die. The biggest artists in the world today are women – Beyonce, Rihanna, Jessie J, Adele. Girl Power reigns."

If that’s the case, she might like to take a look at the other acts booked for Olympic performances. Paul McCartney will be performing at the opening ceremony on July 27, while Coldplay play the closing ceremony of the Paralympics on September 9.

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