Spice Girls Movie 2?

The Spice Girls movie 'Spice World' got a good rogering from critics in the past, and rightly so - it’s frickin’ rubbish! Well despite this being a virtually undisputed fact, rumours are doing the rounds that a sequel could be on the cards.

According to the Sunday Mirror movie producers are keen resurrect the Spice Girls on the big screen, but it appears Emma Bunton thinks differently. Talking on Twitter Baby Spice said: ‘guys I'm sorry but I DID NOT mention that we would be doing another film! But we r very excited about r musical in the theatre!’

Phew! *wipes brow*. There isn’t going to be a follow up to Spice World, but on the downside there is going to be a Spice Girls The Musical. We're not sure what’s worse?

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