Spice Girls musical coming next year

Spice Girls fans (there are some left, right?): the one that no-one used to fancy but has suddenly realised is actually quite fit – AKA Mel C – has revealed that the Spice Girls musical Viva Forever is going to premiere towards the end of next year.

Chisholm, who once was called Sporty Spice but who now could be called Sort-y Spice (there's something about the Scouse accent on women, isn't there? Phwoar etc.), has revealed that she's 'excited' about the project, which is being written by Jennifer Saunders. Saunders was last funny in about 1995, before the Spice Girls were famous.

'It's sounding really exciting. There's lots of great Spice Girls songs in the show, lots of hits, some album tracks, so we're very excited,' she told Digital Spy. 'Jennifer Saunders has written the story, who as everybody knows is hilarious and brilliant. We've known Jennifer for many years - she was in the Spice Girls movie!'

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