Sport Relief 2014: Shane Lynch and his beard get more attention than Boyzone's live performance

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If Boyzone’s live performance on Sport Relief 2014 had been overshadowed by the return of Only Fools and Horses with special guest David Beckham, the Strictly Come Dancing Special, the reunion of Kylie Minogue and Jason Donovan or the host of celebrities who combined to entertain the nation while £51m was donated for charity, that would have been fine. But being obscured by Shane Lynch's impressive crop of facial hair must have annoyed Ronan Keating and the other members of the band.

The boys performed their latest song “Everything I Own" but afterwards no one on Twitter was talking about their performance. Ahead of the show, Lynch used the social media site to debut the impressive facial hair in a selfie he snapped during a soundcheck.

"Sport Relief musical bit - Shane from Boyzone: You could lose a badger in that beard. Sweet jesus..." one viewer tweeted.

"I didn't know Brian Blessed had joined Boyzone," another wrote.

We like this one the most: "Ronan Keating was unable to get Boyzone together for Sport Relief, but did manage to find two dads down the pub and a farmer."

This one’s a bit more sinister but still funny: “Let's take a moment to realized that Shane Lynch looks like an Amish serial killer.”

Boyzone’s performance wasn’t the only live music during the evening. Coldplay also made an appearance and footballers past and present helped record an England World Cup song for Sport Relief. BBC Radio 2 DJ Jo Whiley completed a sponsored 26-hour stint on a treadmill and Coldplay were among one of her biggest supporters as they pledged £10k per hour. Afterwards Whiley said: “I am blown away by Coldplay's generosity and it has made this challenge all the more sweeter."

Activities are ongoing as organisers aim to better the £67m that was donated last year.

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