Springsteen gets ticket for parking in the street

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Bruce Springsteen must be getting a little fed up with British red tape. Last year at Hyde Park, he suffered the embarrassment of having the sound switched off in the middle of a duet with obscure 60s throwback Paul McCartney. Now, just before launching the new Leeds Arena with a typically barnstorming show, his equipment vehicles were issued with a parking ticket.

We imagine a typically recalcitrant Yorkshire traffic warden saying something along the lines of "Bruce 'oo? Never heard of yer lad. I don't care oo yer are. Yer can't park 'ere. Dunt tha know, there's a big show on tonight?"

BBC News reported that Leeds Council has revoked the tickets, which might annoy city motorists who normally have to submit a written appeal, preferably with photographic evidence, before being told that they have to pay up anyway.

"It was somebody being a little bit stupid and zealous," said Keith Wakefield, the leader of Leeds Council. "It is an awareness thing. The lorries are supposed to park offsite and then be called into the arena." It was hardly the ideal way to welcome a major artist who had agreed to play the first show at the new £60 million venue.

Parking tickets must be an occupational hazard for a man who has written as many songs about cars as Springsteen. Undaunted, he delivered a set targeted at hardcore fans, opening with 'Roulette' and 'My Love Will Not Let You Down'.

At some shows on the current tour, Springsteen has played albums in their entirety. The Leeds show featured songs drawn from his 40 year career, including a crowd-pleasing sequence of 'Badlands', Born To Run', 'Dancing In The Dark' and '10th Avenue Freeze-Out'. He played for over three hours, resisting the temptation to cut the show short to feed the meter or check if his trucks had been clamped.

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