Squire and Page in mutual love-in

John Squire of The Stone Roses and Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin engaged in some mutual back-slapping when Squire turned up at the premiere of Led Zeppelin’s latest live DVD Celebration Day.

The Roses guitarist admitted that he was a fan of Page’s playing, although he had been too cool to admit it during the punk era. "No, it was later on, in the 80s," he said. "I believed all that punk rock bullsh*t that you shouldn’t listen to rock dinosaurs. But I know now that all the punk rockers I was listening to were listening to the dinosaurs too."

Squire had been at the 2007 Led Zeppelin show recorded for the film. "It was nice to see the film to have it confirmed that it was incredible gig. In my mind, it was up there with The Clash in 1977, which was my first ever gig."

Page, who has the reputation of being one of rock’s grumpier personalities, was in the mood to return the compliment. He had seen Squire perform with The Stone Roses in the summer and called him "an intuitive guitarist who plays in the moment." It all got a bit cloying when Squire responded: "I like it when any musician compliments me on what I’m doing, but from Jimmy Page that's high praise indeed."

While they were busy congratulating each other on their respective talents, the readers of Guitar World were concluding that Eddie Van Halen was the greatest rock guitarist of all time. Page was sixth in the list, Squire conspicuous by his absence.

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