Stand and deliver - my documentary

Adam Ant’s new comeback tour has already got Britain’s 40 year-old singletons frothing at the gussets: it’s their chance to get up close and personal with 1983’s premier pop star, and there’s no way that they’re going to pass that up, right? Fortunately for our Adam, the whole thing is going to be captured on film, with The Klaxon’s Jamie Reynolds stepping behind the camera.

The band recently cancelled their US tour, and are only set for a few slots at festivals this summer, so bassist Reynolds is taking the chance to film Ant’s tour, which kicks off at the end of the month.

‘The Adam Ant project is my first step into the film business,’ said Reynolds. ‘I’ve got no experience of making films but I really wanted to get involved in it and I may do more.

‘I’m helping produce it and will get more involved as it nears completion. Adam is sounding great. I hadn’t seen him perform until last week when he announced his first tour and he’s back on form.’

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