Standon's calling

The latest ( and chicest) festival to hit the calendar this year is Standon Calling. The lineup at Standon is small but perfectly formed, with DJ sets from Tim ‘What a Wally’ Fanucci (Pukka Up) fresh off the Ibiza boat, Bobby Lost of Lost & Found rinse out fame, and many many more.

Live acts include Golden Silvers, a handsome group with impeccable manners and likeable tunes, Chrome Hoof the million piece noise makers and favourites on the metal scene (yawn), and Son of Dave, a melancholic folk singer with beats for everyone.

Standon was championed by Jonny Rhythm, the legendary promoter who died earlier this year after a long battle against cancer, and on Sunday the Gallion stage is given over to celebrate his memory and his well documented appreciation of all things cool.

The space theme will be an excellent way to warm up your outfits for Bestival in September, with a line up guaranteed to make even the homest of home bodies don some wellies and get a groove on.

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