Star-studded snacks

She may prefer to arrive at a concert concealed in a giant Kinder Egg, wear slices of fresh meat about her person and dye her hair various shades of crazy but underneath the show-stopping costumes and controversial head-gear, Lady Gaga has a heart of gold, Music News confirms.

After fans queued up to get tickets to see her and Justin Timberlake as hosts on Saturday Night Live in America, she kindly splashed out on dozens of doughnuts, and hundreds of boxes of pizza, to show that she always has her most dedicated and hardcore elite of fans close to her heart:

'When Gaga heard after the fans, many of whom had lined up for two days for tickets, she ordered Dunkin Donuts and Famiglia Pizza for all. On Friday she sent coffees and [...] today met them outside and signed autographs.'

Timberlake stepped out of rehearsals to chat to fans but refused to sign any autographs.

Maybe he had left his wallet at home...

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