Steaming in

This week it was reported that former Sugababe Keisha Buchanan was set to sue the current Sugababes over the use of the band’s name, which she felt belonged to her, rather than the current gaggle of females parading under the moniker. Things are getting even worse for the 'Babes though, as Mutya Beuna is now launching her own legal battle against the group for the right to use the name, and she has even gone through the European Trademarks Authority to do so.

The legal attack is nicely timed as well: the new group are releasing their new album, Sweet 7, in ten days time. The founder member of the group won’t know for a few months whether the action will be successful, but if she is successful the group will almost certainly be banned from using the name. However, Heidi Range claims she and the other girls aren’t bothered by Beuna’s antics.

‘We know what's going on but it hasn't affected us at all,’ she said to The Sun. ‘I don't really understand any of it. We've got the right to use the name. We've got lawyers who are dealing with that and we're just getting on with performing and having a good time.’

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