Steven Tyler accident forces Aerosmith to cancel concert

Aerosmith have been forced to cancel a concert in Paraguay after lead singer Steven Tyler had a serious fall in the shower.

The rocker received stitches and had emergency dental work after reportedly cutting his face and losing two teeth. He spent four hours at the La Costa medical centre in Paraguay's capital, Asuncion.

A spokesman for the concert organisers suggested that the fall was down to dehydration and disorientation caused by a bout of food poisoning.

Spokesman Marcelo Antunez said: "He is fine, he's in his hotel but he's not able to do the concert."

The show will be postponed until Wednesday.

In 2009, Tyler broke his shoulder after falling off the stage at a concert in South Dakota. The band had to scrap the remainder of their North American tour. Earlier that summer, the frontman injured his leg causing the postponement of several dates.

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