Stevie Wonder to headline Bestival

American soul legend Stevie Wonder has been confirmed as the closing night headliner for the Bestival event at the Isle of Wight in September. Wonder is a perfect fit for Bestival’s family festival atmosphere with its broad generational mix in the audience.

The Bestival promoter Reb Da Bank told The Guardian that he was delighted to have secured the booking. "Stevie's a legend, one of the icons of 20th century music, and he's still going strong. I grew up listening to him on the radio in the 80s, but he's smashed it in every decade."

Wonder is certainly a complete contrast to the Saturday night headliners New Order, squabbling, middle-aged purveyors of dated indie. The rest of the bill features an eclectic mix of the hip – The Horrors – and the cheesy – Sister Sledge. Gary Numan and Adam Ant will relive a few memories for the 80s nostalgists, while Orbital will provide the soundtrack for the rave grannies.

"We've had a lot of big names at Bestival," Rob da Bank added, "whether that's Amy Winehouse or the Cure, but no one quite of his stature, and we'll be rolling out the red carpet. He's absolutely perfect for the Sunday night crowd. He is following Sigur Ros, which is the sort of contrast I love."

Bestival should be a little less formal than Wonder’s other UK booking this summer. He is playing at the Queen’s diamond jubilee concert in June, where we all expect to see Prince Philip nodding his head to Jammin’.

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