Still Dre

Dr. Dre has released the video for ‘I Need A Doctor’, the comeback single from his forthcoming album ‘Detox’, which features Eminem and Skylar Grey.

The song, which is about the strength of the legendary producer’s friendship with Eminem and his disappoint with the people who ditched him when the chips were down, is accompanied by a clip in which Dre is rebuilt following a devastating car crash.

It has to be said the video adds something to the track, which nevertheless suffers from Eminem’s apparent need to bark everything his says these days – where is the subtlety of delivery that made him so well respected? Given that he is the one rapping for the majority of the time, it doesn’t exactly help the song, although Dre’s more low-key delivery reins it in a bit. However the bombastic chorus doesn’t fit with the vibe of lyrics, and as such it appears like a forced attempt to recreate Love The Way You Lie, Slim Shady’s collaboration with Rihanna.

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