Still going

If one was going to pick an ageing female pop star with which one would quite like to do the wild thing with, Madonna would surely have to be at the top of everybody’s list. For someone in her sixth decade on the planet she is staggeringly hot, and let’s be honest here, there’s barely a man alive who wouldn’t take up the opportunity of a roll in the hay. It’s just a bit of a shame she has to carry on being a pop star, really. It’s just not dignified for a lady of her vintage.

However, she’s at it again, apparently preparing for yet another gruelling six-month tour in next autumn by auditioning dancers at a nightclub in London. Mind you, with the £100million she’s set to bank form it, you can sort of see why, no?

‘Madonna is in peak condition so the gruelling aspect of life on the road isn't a problem. She road-tested dancers at her favourite London club, and had her lover Jesus Luz give his opinion.

‘It's going to be her biggest, most unexpected tour to date. She is going back to her New York City roots, with a street/hip-hop feel, and wants to make it a physical, dance-heavy set of gigs.’

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