Still Hanson, after all these years

The now post-pubescent popsters Hanson have spoken of their pride to be still playing and recording music together fourteen years after the group’s breakthrough hit, MMMbop.

The Oklahoma-based band of brothers – Isaac, Taylor and Zac Hanson – came to prominence in 1997 but after a taste of the high life, the group left Def Jam records to set up their own label in 2003. Since then they’ve been plugging away and developing an ever more extensive back catalogue, which the group plans to showcase in London this summer.

Keyboardist Taylor said to Contact Music on Tuesday night after a gig at London’s 100 Club: ‘We're very proud that 14 years later we're still here.

‘We are working on coming back here soon to tour. We've just been working on Hanson time but we're back on Greenwich Mean Time now!’

Er, good to have you back boys!

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