Stone Roses film in production

The Stone Roses are the subject of a new film. Called Spike Island, the film's action revolves around the band’s legendary 1990 gig on Merseyside, where there were around 30,000 in attendance.

Actor Chris Coghill has written the script which is being developed by BBC Films. A trailer was shown to journalists at the Cannes Film Festival. "Essentially, it's my love letter to the Stone Roses and being 16 years old in 1990 in Manchester," Coghill said. "There's a little bit of me in all the boys." The film follows the adventures of an unsigned band from a council estate taking inspiration from the Roses’s massive Spike Island show.

The recently reformed band have been entirely encouraging. "I'm mates with Mani and I know Ian a bit," Coghill said, "and when we first started talking about it, I emailed them both an outline of what we wanted to do and they said, 'You have our support, you have our blessing, whatever you need.'" The trailer featured several snatches of Roses music.

The Roses will attempt to recapture some of that Spike Island magic 22 years on when they get back on stage this summer. Their reunion gigs open with a couple of warm-up shows in Barcelona on June 8 and 9 and a small European tour before they return to their homeland for shows at Heaton Park at the end of June.

Intriguingly Coghill suggests that the band have been recording again. He said that they have "at least three or four songs recorded."

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