Stone Roses' Mani says ecstasy promotes love

According to The Stone Roses, being off your box on disco biscuits could well be a cure for gang violence. Speaking to Uncut magazine, ex Roses bassist Mani (now of Primal Scream) explained the theory.

"My mates came back from Europe and started serving up everyone in the clubs. Manchester had always had that undercurrent of shadiness and violence. I've seen people stabbed and kicked within an inch of their lives. E changed all that. Suddenly, all these fellas who were the heads of crews were together under one dancehall roof. Free your mind and your arse and heart will follow."

Mani also shed light on why the band originally signed to record label Silvertone, and it wasn't because they were luvved up. They were just hungry.

"Cos we were starving and penniless and they gave us money to buy an Italian on the way home. That's the God's honest truth. They bought us an Italian and we dropped our collective f****** knickers. We could have hung out for a major, but the time was right. We knew as we signed that it wasn't the best deal in the world. But we had to get the songs out."

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