Stone Roses reunion so close yet so far

Let’s face it, The Stone Roses are never going to reform, but a collaboration between Ian Brown and John Squire is not completely off the cards. Talking to BBC 6 Music, the monkey king revealed that his former bandmate wrote a song for him to use on his new album 'My Way', but his son convinced him to turn it down. GRRR.

"'Look dad’” said the singer’s pesky kid, “was he looking out for you back then? Are you sure you wanna do that?'"

However, Brownie did praise Squire’s song-writing sensibilities, adding: "I could have fitted on the first three minutes of the tune, it was pretty good. He definitely did it with me in mind because it had electronic, hip-hop drums on it and I thought, 'Whoever's done that must have heard me solo stuff'. He's still got it, it's good."

Ian Brown's new album ‘My Way’ hits download stores on 28 September.

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