Stones deny Glastonbury date

The Rolling Stones have denied that they plan to call an end to their career with a headline slot at Glastonbury in 2013. The Sunday Mirror had circulated rumours that the Stones planned to mark their 50th anniversary with a farewell concert at next summer’s festival.

Sources close to the assortment of mansions, retirement homes, Swiss blood transfusion clinics and Soho drinking clubs where the Stones hang out said that the report was nonsense, and the band would not be at Worthy Farm next summer.

A spokesman for the festival wasn’t quite as definitive, saying there had been no discussions with the Stones. "Everybody in the year off thinks they've come up with the perfect Glastonbury lineup. But at the moment there isn't anything to confirm or deny."

The original Mirror report quoted sources claiming that: "All four members have agreed that next year is the right time to have one final hurrah and put on the gig of their lives. It’s a case of now or never, and obviously Glastonbury is the most important festival on the circuit. Everybody’s incredibly excited... it’s a final bow.”

Or isn’t as the case may be. The 50th anniversary has been a problematic event on the Stones horizon. Mick Jagger and Keith Richards are still estranged after Richards was derogatory about a certain part of Jagger’s anatomy in his autobiography. An attempted apology was half-hearted at best.

There was also some dispute about the actual anniversary, some believing it fell in 2012, while band members preferred 2013 as the proper 50 year Rolling Stones landmark.

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