Stones get ready to roll one more time

Dinosaurs shall walk the earth once more. That’s what we have to surmise from the news that The Rolling Stones are gathering to compare arthritis pains, and to go through a few rehearsal sessions.

Rumours have been rife that the Stones would tour again to mark the half century since their first gigs in 1962. With nothing confirmed as yet, Keith Richards has booked rehearsal time in a London studio to jam with Charlie Watts and Ronnie Wood. Unless he’s planning a tour as an instrumental power trio, the assumption is that Mick Jagger might be invited along at some point.

"We're just going to play a little together," Richards said, "because we haven't played for 3 or 4 years. That's a good start: me, Charlie and Ronnie. Mick's welcome, and I'm sure he'll turn up, but right now we just want to get our chops down."

Jagger's presence is by no means assured. The singer is on record as being sceptical about another Stones tour. He is believed to be holding a grudge after Richards was derisive about a certain part of the Jagger anatomy in his recent autobiography Life.

Richards can be heard in fine guitar-playing (and vocal) form on Tom Waits’s album Bad As Me, featuring the song Satisfied, a riposte to the Stones’ classic Satisfaction. Its curious refrain of "Mr Jagger and Mr Richards, I will scratch what I been itchin’" might even have been the catalyst for Richards to revisit his old group and kickstart them for one last adventure.

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