Stones tickets sell out instantly

Thousands of Rolling Stones fans were disappointed when tickets for the band’s November shows sold out instantly. Those who were a little too doddery to click their mouse in time were left to moan about the hiked-up prices for resale tickets on ebay.

The two dates at the O2 Arena went on sale with ticket prices ranging from £90 to £375, somewhat pricey considering the current level of the state pension. Despite that, they sold out immediately. Within hours tickets were offered on ebay with asking prices well into four figures.

Keith Richards had said he didn’t like asking for large sums for tickets, but admitted he was happy at the prospect of the band collecting in the region of £16 million for the shows.

Fans who failed to obtain tickets should not get too despondent though. Ronnie Wood has already hinted that further live dates may be on the way. "Once this wheel is turning I don't think it will be able to stop," he told reporters. "We won't be able to stop."

Mick Jagger has also hinted at a more extensive tour, suggesting that he would love to play in Australia. Richards was also uncharacteristically positive about getting back on the road. "It's very high energy, and very enthusiastic," he said. "Everybody’s really up for it. I’m amazed how the band has like just moved straight into the slot, and I thought it would be like a little rusty and cranky to start with, but everybody was up from day one. So I’m really looking forward to this man."

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