Stoney broke

That's just as well because ever since that blunder with the American accent - you know, the one where Joss forgot that she was from Devon and pretended to be from Noo Yoik, the diva can't have been earning much. There was also a little bust-up with EMI over the delayed release of her album (Joss didn't want to wait, they did) which cost her £1 million. Gulp.

Fortunately, Joss can cope fine without wads of cash. The soul-diva has told You Magazine that she 'doesn't need a learjet to prove she can sing.' Which is a fair point. She does however, need an adoring public and a knack for positive PR......

'I've been in this business long enough now to work out what's important and what's not. The music business has changed so much. It's all about product and business,' she said. (Joss, it's been like that for a while.)

She continued: 'I was talking to Roger Daltrey the other day and he told me he felt so sorry for my generation of musicians. He said, 'When I was your age all we did was get on a stage and sing, now you all have to sit in meetings. That's not music'.

But then neither is saying controversial things to the media just to shift albums....

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