Stop denying your heart out

An Oasis fan who was ‘revealed’ as the new member of Liam Gallagher’s new band has had to deny it, presumably while secretly dreaming it was true. Louise Davies, who runs Oasis fan site Stop Crying Your Heart Out, was befuddled by the News Of The World story that she was about to strap on a bass and go rocking all over the world with her idol.

Gallagher has already revealed that he has already recruited former Oasis band mates Gem Archer, Andy Bell, Jay Darlington and Chris Sharrock, but that all important bassist slot is yet to be filled. Maybe Liam can learn it and start doing his best Paul McCartney impression? No? All right then.

'A story has appeared today in the News Of The World falsely claiming that I'm joining Liam Gallagher's new band, and to start recording later this month at Abbey Road studios,' Davies wrote on her site. 'Where they get there (sic) information from is beyond me.'

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