Stop moaning

Rolling Stones legend Ronnie Wood has said something that might just hearten fans of 70s lad rock – Rod Stewart might be making it on stage with his former Faces band mates after all. Huzzah (maybe)!

The band, who are reuniting for a show at the Vintage at Goodwood festival in Sussex over the weekend of 13-15 August, have recruited Simply Red crooner Mick Hucknall for the shows, to the general distaste of everyone. However, Wood says this is only because of a schedule clash, and won’t be a permanent fixture, and in any case, stop being so negative, right?

‘We haven't ruled Rod out,’ he said to the NME. ‘It's just that his schedule is totally crossing over exactly when we wanted him. We've got Mick Hucknall because his voice is just like Rod's was in the '70s. The door's not closed to Rod, but we're carrying on because it's worth it.’

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