Strawberry Field Gates Gone Forever?

The red wrought –iron gates which inspired John Lennon to write ‘Strawberry Fields Forever’ have been replaced by replicas, whilst the original gates have been put into storage with their long term future in the city looking uncertain.

The entrance to the site in Woolton, immortalised by The Beatles’ 1967 hit, had fallen into disrepair; The Liverpool Echo reports that ‘a decision was made to replace them with hand-crafted replicas made by a local metal work specialist.’

Major Ray Irving, Director of Social Services for the Salvation Army, who plan to build new facilities on the site, said: ‘The original gates are currently on the way to storage while we formulate a plan for their future. Obviously our hope is that they remain in Liverpool but at the moment we have an open mind and we will have to look at the long term.’

Strawberry Field has become a site of pilgrimage for thousands of fans since it featured on the ground-breaking Sgt. Pepper album. However, it looks as if fans are unfazed whether or not ‘things are real’. Jim Bennett, the 54-year-old metal worker who spent five years making the replicas told the local paper: ‘Beatles fans have been speaking to me to say it doesn’t matter if the original gates are there or the replicas.’ It’s nothing to get hung about.

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